*FREE SHIPPING means dropped to your loading dock or curbside delivery to business areas. If you have no
loading dock, the freight company charges from
$50 to $100 for a lift gate to lower the pallet to the ground,
depending on the trucking company. Shipment over 100 lbs. requires the use of the lift gate.

Curbside delivery - Curbside delivery is our basic shipping system. If you have a loading dock in your building
or a forklift, items will be dropped to your loading dock and you can take it from there. If you don't have a dock, the
driver will put the pallet at the edge of the truck and you will take the boxes a little at a time to your office. The
furniture are heavy and are usually palletized. Please have a furniture dolly with you or someone to help. Before
you move them, make sure they're secured. If they fall, they can crack.
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Liftgate:  A Lift gate is
required if there is no loading
dock and any single handling
item exceeds 100 lbs. or item
exceeds 72 inches in Length,
Width, or Height. Charges
vary depending on the freight
carrier. Please call us for rate
in your address.
Inside Delivery:  There's an extra charge for inside delivery and it varies with different freight companies. Some
of them will deliver only to the front door of the building and they will charge you for "inside delivery". There is
another option: Your assembler can receive them at the job site or we can deliver to your assembler who will in turn
deliver inside your office.

Installation or Assembly available:  If you can't find an installer or assembler around your area, please call us
for White Glove Delivery quote.

Multiple orders: We offer shipping discount for multiple orders. Please order by phone to get this discount.

Will Call or Pick Up: We have warehouses all over the country where you can pick up if you're close enough
and save money on shipping. Local pick up or Will Call are charged a $20 fee because our warehouse employees
have to individually prepare your items for pick up.  If you'd like to pick up, please order by phone so we can make
the arrangements immediately for you. Payment needs to be received before pick up is scheduled. Please allow
24 hours. See the list of our warehouses across the country at

Damaged Shipment: It's very important to inspect the boxes immediately upon delivery and before the driver
Do not just sign the delivery receipt. If the packages and items are showing damage, please request the
driver to sign off on the receipt, stating that the package was damaged in transit. You may refuse delivery on that
box but accept the ones that have no damage. If there is any reason for you to be concerned about damage,
please write PRODUCT DAMAGED clearly on the sheet that they ask you to sign.  Failure to do this may result in
a denial of Freight Damage Claims.

You have to inspect the items as soon as possible. WE ONLY HAVE 5 DAYS to report the concealed damage to
the trucking company. Failure to provide this timely notification will result in your inability to file a freight claim.     

Please call our toll free number (800) 350-0047 immediately before the driver leaves so we can give you a Return
Authorization number (RA). All returns must have an RA. If the driver has left and you found the damage later, call
us immediately. We will need photos of the item inside the box, the damaged part, and the box itself. We will
replace the damaged part if it's determined that it's damaged during shipment. IMPORTANT: You need to return
the item in the original box. If it's not in original box and packaging, the manufacturer won't take it back. Please do
not write on the boxes or put any marks.

Concealed Damages:
You have to inspect all items immediately as soon as you received them. All shippers & receivers now have only
five (5) business days to provide notification (verbal or written) of concealed damages to the carrier of record.  
Failure to provide this timely notification will result in your inability to file a freight claim.     

If you discover any concealed damage (damage which you did not notice at first, or was hidden from your sight),
please take the initial steps below IMMEDIATELY:

- Contact us immediately by calling our toll free number (800) 350-0047.
- Save all packaging materials until inspection is made.
- Must take pictures of product and packaging and document the damaged freight.
- Do not move the product from its original delivery location if at all possible.

Finally, NEVER write on a bill of lading "Subject to Inspection."  That is the same as signing the bill without any
notation of damage. Always take time to inspect cartons and note ANY AND ALL damage on the bill of lading. You
have the option of opening and inspecting product upon delivery. Do not allow a driver to rush you through the
receiving and inspection process - it could be costly in the end.

Returns: If you changed your mind about the purchase and it has already left for shipment or has already been
delivered, you should return the item in the ORIGINAL BOX and PACKAGING. Buyer pays for shipping and will be
charged 30% restocking fee. We will not accept returns of items that have already been assembled. Items will be
inspected before refund is sent.

ORIGINAL BOX: THIS IS IMPORTANT. When returning any item, you must put it back in the original box and
Without the original box, the manufacturer won't give you a replacement or credit. Returned items will
be inspected first before buyer is given credit.

Restocking Fee: If you changed your mind about buying and the shipment has already left our dock, or if you
made a mistake with your order and need to have it changed, we will charge you a re-stocking fee plus you will pay
for shipping back to us. Items must be in original box and packaging and must be unused or unassembled.
Restocking fee will be a small percentage of the total order amount and will be reasonable to cover our costs.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at (800) 350-0047.
FREE SHIPPING to contiguous US states.
Call us for shipping rates to Hawaii, Alaska,
Canada, and overseas. We give shipping
discounts on multiple items.