Partial 12 inch tinted glass partition comes in heights from 48", 60" and 72 inch tall.Widths are 24", 30", 36", 42" and 48" wide. Call for pricing and quotes. (949) 525-2956.
Full Fabric Partitions can stand alone or be connected as L-Shape, T-Shape or Cross shape. Height is 66" tall . Widths are from 24 inch wide to 72 inch (6 ft) wide. Call for pricing and quotes (949) 525-2956.
Frosted white 18" Glass like Acrylic. 66 inch tall panels. Widths are 24", 30" and 36" wide panels. Call for pricing and quotes. (949) 525-2956.
L-Shaped Partitions includes a Corner Connector. Please call for pricing. We will need the length you need.
Cross partition panels. Call for quote or pricing. It includes a 4-Way connector. Call for pricing. Give us the dimensions you need.
T-Shaped Partitions includes a 3-Way Connector. Give us the dimensions you need. Contact us for pricing. (949) 525-2956
Portable / Movable Partitions with wheels. Height as tall as 8 ft tall. Photo shows the lengths and heights available. These are made to order with your choice of fabrics. Allow 4 weeks lead timel.l Made in the USA. Add 3/4" to heights shown.
Portable rolling partitions that fold when not in use. Each panel is 30" when folded.
Great for large room partitions such as, Churches or ballrooms.
Can be used in Child Care or schools.
Art Displays
Full Glass partitions
Partitions with White Boards
Windows are available.
Doors are available. Doors are 30 inch wide.

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